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Comprehensive Cannabis Friendly Hotels

Traveling won’t be a vacation from the rituals and lifestyle you enjoy at home.  You don’t have to pack it or cross the border with it.  You don’t have to scramble to find a dispensary once you arrive.  When you book your cannabis vacation or marijuana hotel with HiBnb, your Host can help ensure that a cannabis supply tailored to your Host’s preferences will be at your disposal.  You can show up free and easy to resume the lifestyle you love in a safe, welcoming environment with knowledgeable Hosts who will never, ever ask what’s that smell?

Marijuana Hotels for You

HiBnb provides international and domestic Guests with comprehensive cannabis friendly hotel and accommodations listings in regions where recreational cannabis is legal. You’ll find everything that you need to make an informed choice about a great vacation or staycation right here....

HiBnb Lists Cannabis Friendly Events

Looking for cannabis classes, workshops, growing cannabis, cooking with cannabis, healing with cannabis, cannabis massages, cannabis lounges, cannabis bars, creative sessions with cannabis, or any canna related activity?  You have arrived.  Time to Play Hi.  Experience cannabis culture.  Connect with like-minded locals and travellers in immersive and engaging ways with expertly curated cannabis-enhanced experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

420 Friendly Events

There are a lot of excellent choices when it comes to cannabis friendly events. HiBnb supports everything from kush tours to marijuana meditation groups, classes on healing with cannabis, and ganja yoga classes. ...